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TOPIC: How to configure the properties of an image in Dreamweaver?

How to configure the properties of an image in Dreamweaver? #351

Resize the imágenes.- You can resize an image of two ways: using the Property inspector or by dragging the image to its new size

a) By the Property inspector:

If you are not visible or the Property inspector: Window - Properties

o In the Property inspector, enter a new width in the text box An and a new height in the text box Al

or To end, press the Enter key or click anywhere outside the Property inspector

b) Click on a handle (the three small squares that appear around the selected image) to resize and drag the image:

To resize or horizontally: Use the resize handle located on the right side of the image

To resize or vertically, use the resize handle located at the bottom of the image

o To change the image size in both dimensions at once, use the handle is in the lower right corner of the image. To maintain the original proportions when the dimensions are changed, press and hold the Shift key while the shooter dragging the bottom corner.

Move and copy images

a) To move image: click on the image and drag the mouse to the desired location

b) To copy an image: Press and hold the Control key down while the image moves with the mouse

Align image 3.-

Select image

Alienating Click the drop-down list (alienating left, center, right alienate) the Property inspector

Set background image

Click with the right mouse button anywhere in the document window that is not occupied by an element

Select "Properties page" in the displayed menu

In the dialog "Page Properties" click the "Browse" button located next to the box "Background Image"

Find and select the image file you want - OK - A dialog box appears - OK - OK

Remove image

Select the image you want to remove

Press the Delete key

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