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TOPIC: What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

What is Adobe Dreamweaver? #355

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Adobe Dreamweaver is an application in the form of study (based on how Adobe Flash study) focused on the construction and editing of Web sites and applications based on standards. initially created by Macromedia (now produced by Adobe Systems). It is the program of this type most commonly used in the field of web design and programming, its features, its integration with other tools such as Adobe Flash and recently its support standards World Wide Web Consortium. Its main competitor is Microsoft Expression Web and has support for both editing to animation through its integration with others. Until the MX version was heavily criticized for its poor support for web standards, since the code generated was often only valid for Internet Explorer, and not validate as standard HTML. This has been corrected in recent versions.

Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to create sites in a completely graphical way, and has functions to access the generated HTML code. It allows connection to a server, based on data, support for programming in ASP, PHP, Javascript, integrated FTP client, etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the main competence of Microsoft FrontPage.

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