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TOPIC: How to insert a Flash movie in Dreamweaver?

How to insert a Flash movie in Dreamweaver? #66

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To insert a flash movie into a dreamweaver document, place the insertion point where you want to insert the Flash movie.

Insert the movie in one of these ways:

Insert - Media - Flash - Search and select "Look in:" Flash movie file with extension swf - OK

In the bar "Insert" click on the "Common" tab or "Media" - Click the "Flash" icon - Search and select the Flash movie file (.swf) - OK

Drag the "Flash" icon from the "common" cards or "Media" bar "Insert" until the insertion point in the document - Find and select the movie file (swf) - OK

To preview the Flash movie in the Document window, click the green Play button in the Property inspector. To end the preview click the red Stop button

To remove the film:

Select the Flash movie

Press the Delete key

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