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1. Features: stable, durable, easy to use

● The top grade quality, use the best original material, and produce more carefully
● Humanist Patent structure design, easy and quick to install
● high resolution, highlight play HD video, like the giant TV.
● High brightness, you can see the video very clear on the day
● Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant
● Built-in cooling system withstands high temperatures, they work all day-
● wide viewing angle, the audience can see the highlights from all corners
● Long life, energy saving and environmentally friendly

2.Practical application:

external dynamic advertising. Advertiser want to display logo, diagram, photographs and videos.

They are widely used for highway, street Stadium, Plaza, Park, shopping center, airport, railway station, bus station, gas station,
Metro, hospital, hotel, restaurant, cinema, library, Odeon, and sometimes high end.

3.Forms of installation: fixed installation

4.Nuestras advantages

We are a manufacturer of LED display in China.
Not only our price is very good but also very comfortable and quick to buy from us.
Contact: Madonna Yuan

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