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TOPIC: Sale business process

Sale business process #474

What is the process to be performed for sale?

The process by which the company must pass to its sale is complex, since it requires dedication and effort, so this matter is played normally an experienced professional. Currently they exist in the network companies like Mercopym trying to find both parties, ie the buyer and seller, and then handles the transfer of the business.
This process is usually standardized, although obviously each case has its peculiarities and specific variants, which makes the course of the sale vary.
Advice, as we have discussed above by companies as Mercopym in each stage of the process is essential. They are schematically different stages.
First, the customer interested in selling your business should contact the consultancy firm, which must explain the nature of business, the services you want to provide it with the professional fees, aims to meet, etc.
Following the acquisition of information and have extensive knowledge about the business aspects of the company to sell to proceed to the valuation of the company objectively serve as a reference price to be set for the business.
Then the company advises to look for and select candidates who can be attractive, thus passing forms part of the process of buying and selling. These selected are informed about the company from the strictest confidentiality regarding the identity of the organization. At this point the potential buyer has two options, first disinterest regarding the purchase of the company, and on the other hand, declare their interest in the purchase.
With the latter option the negotiation process would begin, at this point the process will be delivered to the person concerned a dossier with detailed information about the company for sale, then the prospective buyer should confirm their interest in continuing and conducting closer party, embodied all in a LoI.
This is when the due diligence process, where the goal is to improve the knowledge we have about the business and that all previously declared by the seller is truthful begins. This stage usually requires multidisciplinary expertise of legal, fiscal, organizational nature, etc. and usually it lasts a couple of months until the start of the next stage concerning the final negotiation. To conclude this complex process of sale must translate all previously agreed in the contract, by signing the same conclude the purchase-sale of the company.
As we have seen in the previous steps the actions of buying and selling companies requires much experience and dedication in order to maximize the result.

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