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TOPIC: World-class sound now in Mexico

World-class sound now in Mexico #480

ProAudio Technology seeks distribution in Mexico

Pro Audio Technology was founded in September 2004 on a simple principle: combine the most advanced professional audio technology for the consumer and manufacturing audio products more accurate, robust and aurally-exciting available for installation in residential systems; the promise of truly unique high-performance products with world-class sound for the consumer.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, products Pro Audio Technology combine a lively dynamics, a high maximum output level and high durability with refined acoustic performance they expect from a contemporary residential audio equipment. The result is a range of speakers and amplifiers programmable power which, when combined, provide years of unmatched sonic emotions.

Explore the full range of products to meet all residential sound applications: from residential sound equipment at a reasonable price (within the range) to the most powerful existing professional system for home. And you can be sure, installing an audio system Pro Audio Technology is guaranteed to make you happy and to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.

All PRO products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

For those integrators in Mexico that have an exclusive customer base, Polaris Controls Mexico gives exclusive access to Pro Audio Technology, which provides systems professional quality audio with exception only for connoisseurs with whom cost is no object.
MX + 52 55.2976.0466
USA + 1 305. 406.2488

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Ruben Santamaria

World-class sound now in Mexico #481

Hi Ruben,

Have you had answer to your search for distributors in Mexico? We have other alternatives if you need help.


Max Jaramillo

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Max Jaramillo, Ext. 72
Tel: + 1 [305] 285 3133 - Miami, USA
Tel: + 52 [55] 4170 8330 - Mexico DF
Tel: + 55 [11] 3042 2103 - São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: + 57 [1] 381 9215 - Bogota, Colombia

World-class sound now in Mexico #482

Hi Max,

Contact me. rsm (at) -


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Ruben Santamaria
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