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JAN 07 / 2015

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Although Televisa will have to share their infrastructure with existing and future competitors, experts say there are some complications for the use of that network.

In March, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) defined as dominant in broadcasting Grupo Televisa and its 35 subsidiaries, and forced to submit its initial public offering infrastructure for other dealers to request access to them, same as published in December.

Alejandro Mayagoitia, industry expert engineer, indicates that while the telecommunications infrastructure is designed to be shared, to hold more than one operator in one transmission tower, for example.

Meanwhile, in the case of broadcasting, its design does not have the same characteristics and different approach difficult to have physical sharing. "The telephone network is designed to be able to give more room to someone.

Facilities television are from the years 50 and are not meant for more, were not designed for that either space or air conditioning, "he said. Gabriel Sosa Plata, an expert on broadcasting, said that one of the difficulties facing applicants is in terms of space.

"Not all the infrastructure can be shared easily. Sometimes the land is very small and can not stand.

Also concerned that not all the location coordinates of Televisa match those that are considered for the new channels, "he said. No later than 19 March IFT will announce the winner or winners of the new television.

Source: Reforma


JAN 16 / 2015

Double standards on competition in telecommunications was completed in the early days of 2015: while Grupo Televisa advanced in the process of concentration of television subscribers restricted to move from 62 the 66 percent with the acquisition of Telecable (Cablevision Red) , Dish, the only company that competes with Sky (Azcarraga Jean company in satellite pay television) was fined by the Federal Telecommunications Institute.

Dish Group (company MVS with EchoStar and Telmex) was punished with a fine of 57.4 million pesos, of which only 14.4 million correspond to the telephone of Carlos Slim for failing to notify its claim to a possible concentration.

The reaction of specialists in the sector has been negative. Professor Ramiro Tovar Landa ITAM said the fine of IFT confirms "the clearly preferential treatment to surgery and discriminatory towards another".

Televisa concentration which can not be prohibited by IFT because 9 transitory article of the new Federal Telecommunications Act and Broadcasting excludes these operations-regulatory body, "we again make clear how there are different poles, different sizes and because a full acquisition criteria is not investigated, "he explained Tovar Landa.

Tovar insisted that the new concentration of Grupo Televisa is carried out under the transitional ninth was known as "Cablecom Clause" and now "Telecable Clause". In the first case, it allowed the company Emilio Azcarraga Jean acquired the 100 percent of Cablecom, which increased from 52 to 62 percent its stake in cable TV market. With Telecable this percentage will increase to 66 percent.

For other industry specialists consulted the acquisition of Telecable Original -a company Grupo Hevi affect Megacable, the second largest cable television, present in the same entities where the new company acquired by Televisa company operates 3 billion pesos.

Only Megacable and Dish Group are as large pay television companies that have not been absorbed by Grupo Televisa, in less than a year, he invested 12 billion pesos to buy the 100 percent of Cablecom and Telecable.

Source: Process

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