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TOPIC: 2015: key to the future emissions TDT?

2015: key to the future emissions TDT? #531

At the end of the year the World Radiocommunication Conference will discuss the future destination of the 700 Mhz band UHF, widely used for digital TV broadcasts. The interest of large corporations mobile phone goes further, and might raise the expulsion of television broadcasts of the entire UHF.

This serious threat, has mobilized organizations and European audiovisual companies in favor of the continuity of DTT. They are analyzing proposals for an orderly process of migration channels and distribution of radio spectrum between broadcast and new telecommunications services in mobility.

Latin America, living a more or less advanced calendar transition from analog to digital TV should be also very interested in defending the future of open digital TV, thinking of all citizens and the audiovisual sector industries.

I analyze in this article (in Catalan):

I hope it is of interest to read. Thank you.

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