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TOPIC: Radio • Norway disenrolled their FM radios in 2017

Radio • Norway disenrolled their FM radios in 2017 #536

The Ministry of Culture of the Scandinavian country confirmed the outage of this type of transmission and begin a transition to digital service known as DAB, CD quality audio without interference and better use of the spectrum.

In various parts of the world the analog TV is poised to be replaced by their digital version, with blackout scheduled for 2019 in Argentina. Meanwhile, the FM radio also has its days, at least in Norway, the first country became to cancel this type of transmission to give the digital audio service, known as Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), an international standard for digital streaming.

In a statement the Ministry of Culture of the Nordic country, the blackout is scheduled for 11 2017 January and believes they are now given the conditions to transition between the two technologies.

"Listeners will have access to more diverse and plural radios content, with new features and better sound quality," said Culture Minister Thorhild Widvey. The DAB technology now offers national stations 22, 20 expandable to over against the five available FM. In turn, the official stressed that the DAB service cost is eight times lower than the current standard transmission.

DAB is available in Norway since 1995 and 2007 had an update, known as DAB +, with CD audio quality, allows data transmission and has a more efficient use of spectrum. the standard that the Nordic authorities plan to implement in the blackout 2017 FM radio.

To date, several European and Asian countries plan to migrate to digital service, but Norway was the first to start switched off FM radio.

Source: Statistics: Posted by mixba - 20 Apr 2015, 21: 26 - Answers 0 - 36 Views
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